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The essential guide to looking after coloured hair!

The essential guide to looking after coloured hair!

The Do’s and Don’ts for coloured hair!

There is nothing better than having a great colour and style at the salon, you feel like a new women! If only it was as easy to look after and maintain as your natural colour. I have been having my hair coloured since my teens as it was turning that washed out blonde. I even went for the silver platinum look for quite a few years which I loved. All this messing around with my hair was a lot of fun but I was still doing the same hair care routine as before. One day I looked in the mirror and realised my hair had stopped growing and had a split end style going on…Not sexy!!

Here’s some Do’s and Don’ts that are from my experience of having hair as dry as the desert…

Do lay off the lather!

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When I had my lovely platinum look I was sporting a bob, so I would wash it everyday. This definitely contributed to the state it ended up in. I now try and go a week if I can without washing my hair (dry shampoo in hand), if I cant manage a week I will try at least 3 days and I will use L’oreal Elvive Low shampoo.

For my normal wash I use L’oreal Elvive’s shampoo for coloured hair which is really affordable and works with my hair really well. And I do a mask once a week, usually L’oreal professional Lumino Contrast Shampoo or I use a mask Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructed as my normal conditioner. L’oreal proffesional range is a little more expensive but if your not washing your hair every other day it will last. 


Don’t forget to protect!

Boy did I learn this lesson the hard way. I was being super lazy not bothering with heat protection spray and using my straighteners about twice a day, fast forward to a month later when half my hair had snapped off. Now I make sure I use something on my hair before any heat, it doesn’t have to be expensive, Superdrugs Style expertise heat spray  is one of my faves and really cheap too. 

Do solve it with a serum!

hair serum, hair careI was completely oblivious to the joys and powers of a good hair serum. The hair dresser would use one but I never thought that I could, duh!?! Now it is a signature part of my hair care routine and I make sure I pack one wherever I go. Josh Wood Radiant Shine hair treatment oil is my new favourite after getting it in my M&S advent calendar. It smells incredible and leaves my hair looking shiny and glossy. CHI Silk Infusion is my go to serum that I use to give that final polish. My affordable throw in my holiday bag is OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan oil as it ticks all the boxes and its cheap enough to use multiple times a day. 

Don’t over heat!

Having a ‘no heat’ day has really changed the condition of my hair. I try and have at least one day where I don’t use any heat what so ever on my hair, and at a push 2. Even better if you let your hair dry naturally, but if you are a blow dry girl like me its always good to invest in a good one like Parlux. This can stop you having to use straighteners and also stop you needing to use more heat in the week. 

Do leave in conditioner!

Aussie Hair careI am obsessed with Aussie leave in conditioner I can not dry my hair without it. One of the reasons I love this particular brand is because it doesn’t leave my hair heavy, full of product or greasy. I also use it on my hair in between washes, it smells amazing and as coloured hair is prone to getting really dry it gives a bit of hydration through the week. 






What has helped you look after your coloured hair? I’m always looking for new products to add to my bag!