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Hey, I want to go to ‘Stage School’!

Hey, I want to go to ‘Stage School’!

‘Stage school’ audition prep!

So it’s not really called Stage School anymore but we’ve all seen Fame and High School musical…you have, don’t deny it! Well ,for some people that musical is there life, or at least it is for me. I knew from a ridiculously young age that school just wasn’t for me, and I needed to be with other performers putting on a show. Unfortunately, everyone has to go to school, that’s my mum talking! But when I turned 18 I began to panic. Where do I even start? I knew that I would be going to ‘dance college’ I just didn’t know when and I really didn’t know where.
At school there wasn’t much, if any, information provided for anyone interested in going into a ‘vocational’ course. I was pushed towards university which really wasn’t right for me. There is, however, so much info out there now about all the different colleges in the UK and abroad. And thanks to the internet we have all of it at our finger tips, gtcwhich is a great way to look at all the different courses and what they have to offer.
These are a few of my thoughts from my experience on how to prepare and what to expect! By no means am I saying I am an expert, I just want to pass on any tips I can.


Apply for the ones YOU like not what is popular on social media!

I‘m so glad I followed my heart and chose the college, I did, as soon as I walked through the door I felt comfortable and could see myself being there.
It’s hard not to get swept away by all the amazing videos you see on YouTube from different colleges. But go for what’s right for you as its three years of your life you spend there, sometimes 6 days a weeks… and lets not even talk about the amount of hours.

Second, one must be prepared!

If you decide on a few colleges and get yourself some auditions, AMAZING! The college will let you know what is expected of you. It’s usually a song, verse and chorus, a short solo dance piece and possibly a monologue. If they don’t ask for a monologue, you may be expected to improvise in groups, which is actually really good fun!
Give yourself the best chance you can and prepare your tracks, sheet music and your routines so you are completely ready. And you know what, even if you don’t get offered a place you will know you did the best you could.

Less is more!

You want to look like you at your best, so no crazy contouring, let your natural beauty come through. Put your hair up out of your face, they may even ask for a bun. And with the outfit, just keep it simple! You may be asked to bring specific dance clothes in specific colours. If you have the option to show a bit of your personality through what you wear that’s great, but remember, you want them to be drawn to you in a GOOD way.

Confidence really is key!

If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ – basically the mantra to my life – this is what you need to keep in mind!
I auditioned for a musical theatre course, so singing, acting and dancing. The dancing I was moderately confident about, the acting not to bad, but the singing…we are talking running off stage under confident. I prepared myself with a couple of singing lessons, made sure I really knew the song, and just did my bloody best. Don’t get me wrong, I could hold a tune, but it was something completely foreign to me. The thing is they aren’t expecting you to go in there and be incredible at all three things… Otherwise you wouldn’t need to be there. What they want to see is potential and DRIVE!!!

You don’t always have to say yes!

Say you audition for 2 or 3 colleges and your lucky enough to get offered a place for all of them, well you can’t say yes to all. But definitely don’t say yes because of other influences and yes, I am mainly talking about social media, or what everyone says is ‘cool’! You will get a vibe and a feeling for where you really liked… that’s your answer right there.

God I hope I get it!

The wait to find out is always the worst, but you’ve done your best so try and take a ‘chill pill’. If you do get a YES, incredible, and think about the above. There is a chance you might not get any yes’s but don’t let that defeat you. There are a lot of other options. The main reason for a ‘rejection’ is usually that the person is not ready. A lot of colleges offer a foundation course which is a great way to spend a year getting a taster and building up your skill set. Remember, there is no time limit, everyone’s journey is different and maybe not going at 16 is better for YOU! Hey, I went at 20, and I don’t regret that for a second.
You would be expected to bring a ‘headshot’ but the college wouldn’t normally expect something from a professional photographer. Try and give something as professional looking as possible, not a picture of you out on the lash! Trust me, it happens.