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Don’t underestimate the power of a good Blow Dry!

Don’t underestimate the power of a good Blow Dry!

A Blow dry is the thing before the straighteners, right?

So I’m hoping I’m not the only one, but I never realized that I could achieve the look I wanted with a hair dryer and a brush. I’ve always known how to do the basics with my hair, curl, straighten, up do’s, plaits and most definitely buns (thanks to all those years awkwardly doing ballet exams). But I could never dry my hair and have it looking sleek and polishedthat’s where the straighteners come in, right? Well, thanks to meeting a ‘special someone’ in my journey through Paris I have been taught a thing or two. And told off quite a bit for all my bad hair habits.

By no means am I saying never use your straighteners again, or to change what works for you. This is what helped trasnform my damaged hair.

For the love of Paris!

I am very lucky that my boyfriend is trained and worked as a hairdresser in Paris. And although he made a career change, he has all the knowledge and skill… so it’s like I have my own hair stylist! When we met I had an £8 hair dryer from Argos, what’s wrong with that, they all blow out hot air!? I think I was a little too black and white in that thought process. I was also using a flat brush that I had for longer than I’d like to admit. Most of the time I just flipped my head upside down and hoped for the best, and put some more heat on it. This, along with all the colouring and the sun over the years, had basically meant that I couldn’t get my hair to grow longer than a bob, as it was just snapping off… not sexy!

The hair dryer of dreams!

Parlux hair dryer

Here’s where my hair saviour came in. I was introduced to the ‘hair dryer of dreams’… and at over a £100 it bloody better be! I really couldn’t work out why I would ever pay that much for a hair dryer. Then it arrived, looking amazing, I might add, and my hair transformation began. I also invested in ‘professional’ brushes, so that I would get the look I wanted with just a brush and a hair dyer. And the look would be a lot better than anything I could do with straighteners.

Blow drying like a pro!

Although it took quite a bit of practice to learn how to blow dry like a pro. I slowly began to learn and see the difference it made, to not only the finished product but the condition of my hair. The ‘hair dryer of dreams’ goes by the name of Parlux. This might not be a secret wonder appliance to some as it was for me, and there are a lot of other ‘professional’ hair dryers out there. But after being introduced to this I fell in love. I have had it nearly 4 years now and its still going strong, its so light and easy to use. Using this along with a round brush gives me that salon finish.

How much!?!

The prices range from around £50 to £100. So it obviously is a big investment, but well worth it if you really want to invest in your hair. There are also more affordable hair dyers out there which still give a great finish if used alongside a round brush. When looking for a new hair dryer try and look for a powerful engine, lightweight, and not to big. These three things will make it so much easier for you to get your desired look.

And at last!

Styling my hair with the round brush and dryer means I never use straighteners or curlers, day to day. It has cut down on how much heat I use on my hair, it gives a great polished finished which gets me quite a lot of compliments. It also means that when I have no heat days and put it up, it still looks super sleek. Overall, its helped the health of my hair, which is really important to me.

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