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My Fashion overhaul! Dressing for my shape and size

My Fashion overhaul! Dressing for my shape and size

 Fashion Forward!

I always want to be fashion forward but, I’ve always found it super hard to dress for my figure. Hopefully I’m not the only one! I spend a lot of time on Pinterest getting outfit inspiration, and I know what I like, but that doesn’t mean it always looks right on me. Its not very often that I treat myself to new clothes. And what usually happens is I pick things up in the wrong sizes. For example I saw a jumper dress I loved and directly went for the size 10, I thought there’s no way I was an 8 in this! After trying it on it didn’t look right, so I tried the 8 and that also was no good. After much persuasion from my boyfriend I tried the 6 and low an behold it looked so much better.
This is one of my biggest shopping mistakes! I have a wardrobe full of lovely pieces that are in the wrong sizes or I don’t wear with the right thing!

Shopping Spree!

So I went on a bit of a Spring shopping spree. And with my partner in crime and his incredible eye for fashion, we picked out lots of things I would normally run away from. I’m not talking anything crazy but I would just think I’d look stupid, or the over used phrase ‘I’m too fat’ or ‘too small’. Which I think most of us are guilty of being horribly critical to ourselves.
I got home and tried on all the pieces and it was a SUCCESS! Not one thing to be returned, which is an absolute record for me.

Here is one of the looks for Spring…

 Fashion blog post
My Jacket is Zara, skirt StradivariusTop H&Mespadrilles Kurt Geiger

My Size

I’m 5ft 2(almost) 155cm and a size 8 or 10 uk size. My figure is ‘hour glass’ and I have what are lovingly known as ‘saddle bags’ which I really hate. I am not naturally a muscular or toned person so I have to work quite hard on that.
These are the reasons why I think this is a good outfit choice for me: 
The long high waisted skirt makes me look longer, especially paired with a short well fitting jacket. The jacket and the top bring the attention to the detail at the waist and give shape and contrast to the oversized skirt. The suede ‘biker’ style jacket makes a contrast to the overall look and stops it being too ‘cute’. 
 Bag and overalls from Zara, Top from M&S
 Leather jacket from All Saints, Top and headband from H&M, Jeans from Topshop, sandals from Primark
Dressing for my shape and size is a learning process. Doing so makes me feel a lot more confident! More outfits to come…