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A round up of my favourite Beauty YouTube Bloggers!

A round up of my favourite Beauty YouTube Bloggers!

My favourite YouTube beauty bloggers!

So I wanted to do a round of my all time favourite beauty YouTube bloggers, but it turns out I only really have two I absolutely love. I must admit I’m not easy to please when it comes to YouTube, it takes a lot for me to watch a video the whole way through. And there is so much beauty content out there its hard to really find the people who know their stuff or are really genuine. On that note, I’m going to tell you who I subscribe to and why I’m so invested in them, plus a new channel I found and really like. 

At Number 1 is Inthefrow

I’ve mentioned my love for Victoria’s blog Inthefrow before and that includes her YouTube channel. It’s the only one I religiously follow in complete honesty. I have bought into her as a brand 100%. I have been following her for a few years now and I must admit I’ve ended up buying quite a lot of products because of it. Her channel has beauty tutorials, monthly favourites, fashion hauls and she has now started vlogging. I know I can trust what she’s putting out there as she never promotes products she doesn’t genuinely love. She has amazing tips on how she keeps her platinum hair in good condition. I found 3 of my May favourites over on her channel. She does such a wide range of different looks which I never get bored of. Her content is amazing and she’s constantly introducing new things. I can’t recommend her channel enough!

At Number 2 is Wayne Goss

Wayne is a make up artist whose channel I discovered a few years ago. I have got some of the best advice from this guy as he really knows his stuff. I love watching him put products on his models and himself. He really gives so much advice for different skin types, older skin and how to apply it to get a great look. He reviews so many makeup and skin care products and gives a really honest opinion. I love his ‘what not to do’ videos the most as they’ve shown me where I might have been going wrong. He Is also really funny which is a plus and he’s made it onto my subscribe list!

And the newcomer is The Anna Edit

I recently discovered her blog on a list of Byrdie best Beauty bloggers and I’ve now found her channel. Both her blog and channel are really well done and have so much content. She covers everything from lifestyle, fashion, monthly favourites and beauty tutorials. I find her really easy to listen to and watch. I love her natural beauty tutorials as I’m all about that at the moment. She gives her personal opinion but doesn’t waffle on, which is another winner for me. She also covers low end to high end beauty. I’m excited to catch up on her old videos and see what new stuff she comes out with this summer.

Who are your favourites and why?