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10 of all the things I can’t live without!

10 of all the things I can’t live without!

The products I just can’t live my life without…not too sound too dramatic!

I think we all have things we believe we physically can’t live without. Especially in the world of ever growing technology, our phones have become our right arm. Because I’ve been doing a bit of travelling this year I’ve realised the things that have made it into my case are the things I think I can’t be without.

#1 My Phone

The most obvious is my beloved iPhone, which I must admit I can’t put down on most days. The main thing I’m always on is Instagram and to get myself around London I’m always using Citymapper. I’m so useless with direction I don’t know what I’d do without my phone to get me places.

#2 Netflix 

I am a bit late in the game with Netflix, don’t judge me too much! I’ve done some really long train journeys recently, so this has kept me well and truly entertained. Plus, it has some of my favourite series on there, Miranda being one, Thank you please!

#3 Heat protection spray

I will no longer put heat on my hair without heat protection spray, ever! I’ve mentioned about learning the hard way on a previous post and the fear of my hair breaking off again keeps me in check. I don’t spend a lot on it and it goes with me on my travels.

#4 Hair Dryer

Hand in hand with my protection spray is my hair dryer. I recently bought a new one to travel with me and that means that’s all I need to take, no straighteners or curlers. This will be coming with me to Australia. 

#5 Lip Balm

I am a bit dramatic about my need for lip balm, I can’t leave the house without it. My favourite is Carmex but I’m not too picky as long as I have one with me. I hope I’m not the only one?

#6 Facial Spray

My new love of the year is my hydrating facial spray, I wrote about all the benefits in my May favourite’s. I use it before makeup after makeup, during the day, when I get home at night, before bed… I’m slightly obsessed. This will be on the plane to OZ with me without a doubt!

#7 Cetaphil Products

Since starting my acne treatment a couple of years ago I now won’t go anywhere without my Cetaphil products. I know 100% they keep my skin in check and won’t make me breakout even more. Plus their so affordable which makes me love them even more.

#8 Trainers

This might be on a lot of people’s lists, and if I had to choose a pair of shoes to wear everyday it would be trainers.

#9 Ear Plugs 

Since moving back to the UK I’ve become the lightest sleeper and especially living in London there is always noise even through the night. Unfortunately I’ve got in the habit of sleeping with ear plugs and now I can not go over night anywhere without them.

#10 Slippers

I think I sound like a little old lady about not being able to live without slippers but it’s true. Walking barefoot around the house just feels so wrong. I love a good pair of fluffy, comfy slippers after a day on my feet, who doesn’t?!


What are your favourite things you can’t live without?