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1 of London’s most instagramable coffee shops

1 of London’s most instagramable coffee shops

London’s instagram worthy coffee shops!

‘Instagram worthy’ might seem like a foreign concept to some but to us instagram obsessed individuals it is pretty much the norm. Now that bloggers and influencers have almost taken over all social media platforms it’s hard not to notice and admire the picture perfect spots said influencers seem to find. And a lot of the snap worthy places belong to London’s vast array of coffee shops. There is one spot that is hard to miss on the gram and that is Peggy Porschen

Cake shop

Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen is the cutest little *PINK* cake and coffee shop situated just near London’s Victoria station. It is pretty much a cuteness overload and that’s why people are queuing for a table at this little gem. When you choose your coffee you get a picture or a message on the top which is a great touch. I went just before Valentines day so Martine and I got a Valentines theme design on our Cappuccino. The cakes are more than just snap worthy they are a tasty treat that is well worth the trip.

Cake selection

The experience

Me and Martine had talked about going here for a while and thought because the weather was good we definetly need to give it a try. It was a Sunday around 1pm so we did have to que for a table. We decided to sit outside to get the best pictures and they offered blankets to keep us warm. I must say the service was great, the staff were super nice and friendly and very efficient. I think they might need to expand soon as people were still queuing for a table at 4pm. It’s such a pretty place and I can’t wait to visit again especially in warmer weather. 

Coffee and cakes

Gluten Free Folks

If your gluten free like myself do not fear there are a few options. I know I have cake anxiety because so very often I’ve gone to places where they literally have nothing and my heart breaks a little. Especially when you have to then sit and watch other people eat delicious treats. But there are 2 cake options here and also macaroons, I know it’s not a vast amount but at least they are great quality cakes so you won’t be disappointed. I had the macaroons and I really enjoyed them. For people avoiding diary they also do a almond milk alternative which I had as I try not to have milk in my coffee’s. 


Worth a visit

So if you live in London it’s really worth a visit to Peggy’s especially as the surrounding area is lovely too with a few small shops and restaurants. If you are traveling and are looking for something a little cute for some great pictures then this is the perfect spot. But try to avoid weekends if you don’t fancy queuing and really try, if you can, going when it’s not raining. *That seems like an impossible task at the moment I know.* If you do make the trip to Peggy’s be sure to take your camera 🙂 

Coffee drinking

What are your favourite coffee shops? Or are the places you love to for the great photo’s? I’m always looking to visit new places to get a great pic 🙂